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“These books open up a clearer, deeper view of God…a God who is Love and meets our need.”

— Meg, Maroochydore

Bible Study


King James Version and other translations

Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons

Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons

A new take each week on 26 key topics

Bible reference books

Study tools that help expand your knowledge of the Bible

For children & teens

Bible-based books and free online resources for children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults

Christian healing today – readers share

Articles & testimonials: Pamphlets

On specific issues of relevance today

Anthology of Classic Articles

Articles & testimonials: Collections

Timeless articles selected by Christian Science teachers and practitioners

Mary Baker Eddy

Other writings by
Mary Baker Eddy

Books, sermons, poems, addresses, articles

Biographies of
Mary Baker Eddy

Read about her life, achievements, and healing work

International news

The Christian Science Monitor Weekly

The Christian Science Monitor

Unbiased, international news from this award-winning newspaper